Under Arm Wax

Waxing underarms refers to removing hair from armpits. This area on the human body is sensitive so it should be treated with care especially while waxing. In modern western culture, the best way of underarm hair removal is waxing.

How To Get Smooth Armpits?

If you wish to have smooth armpits then you must get it waxed after every 3-4 weeks. We at Classic Brow provide organic underarm waxing services to make your skin smooth and hairless. Our staff is trained professionally and rigorously to wax all parts of the body with great care. Also to ensure quality, we use the best quality wax at our salon.

Clean and Hygienic Underarm Hair Removal

Classic Brow follows strict guidelines for cleanliness and hygiene. We use different methods to ensure your safety.

  • We always wear gloves when doing your underarm wax.
  • We always use clean equipment for each customer.
  • We use a new wax stick on every client.
  • Fresh wax strips are used on every client.
  • The used products are dumped in a closed sanitary container.

Smooth and silky skin is just one step away. Book an appointment at Classic Brow now!