Chin Wax

We provide Chin Wax services for women who want to remove those annoying chin hair. This service is provided by skilled beauticians using expert techniques and organic wax. Classic Brow also offers Full Arms Wax, Full Leg Wax, Upper Lip Wax, Under Arms Wax.

The Procedure of Chin Waxing Removal:

At Classic Brow, We strive to offer the best service for our customers with minimal pain. Our typical procedure of chin hair removal consists of:

  • Heat the wax to a certain temperature so that the hair can be removed easily without causing pain or burning the skin.
  • Then we apply a thin layer of wax on the chin with a spatula in the direction of hair growth.
  • After applying the wax, we apply a piece of hair removal strip to the wax.
  • Then we stretch the skin and quickly pull the hair removal strip parallel to the skin so as not to tear the skin and reduce the client’s pain.
  • Immediately afterward, we apply strong pressure to the waxed area to relieve pain and discomfort.
Chin Wax